Sanchez Jose-Optic Nerve Disease-(Argentina)

Name: Sanchez Jose
Sex: Male
Nationality: Argentinean
Age: 73Y
Diagnosis: 1 Optic nerve disease 2. Glaucoma  3. Secondary retian degeneration 4. Uveitis  5. Hypertension (1 degree)
Discharge Date: 2018/04/25

Before treatment:
The patient had glaucoma due to an injury 57 years ago, he lost most vision function in the left eye and his right eye was also affected. Three years ago his vision function decreased fast so he went to a local hospital and had surgery. In 2015 he did Micro Clear Lens Exchange surgery in his right eye, in 2017, he did posterior capsule incision surgery in the right eye. In 2017, he only  had 6-7% vision function in right eye. At present his left eye has light sense and he can see fingers in front of the right eye. He uses eye drops to control eye pressure.
His spirit is good, his weight, sleep, diet, urination and defecation functions are normal.

Admission PE:
Bp: 142/86mmHg, Hr: 68/min, breathing rate: 19/min, body temperature: 36.5 degrees. His height is 164 cm, weight 83.5Kg. Nutrition status is good with normal physical development. There is no injury or bleeding spots of his skin and mucosa, no blausucht. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear with no dry or moist rales. The heart beat is powerful with regular cardiac rhythm and no obvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was flat and soft with no masses or tenderness. The liver and spleen were normal.

Nervous System Examination:
Patient was alert with clear speech. His memory, orientation and calculation abilities were normal . The right side pupil was equal in size and round with a diameter of 2.5 mm and was sensitive to direct light. The left side pupil had mild deformation, was elliptical in shape with a  diameter of 2.5 mm and the light response existed but was weaker than normal. Eyeballs can move freely and there was no nystagmus. There was only  light sensation with his left eye, his right eye could distinguish fingers around 2m distance but with no color vision. The 3m standard eyesight chart examination: right naked eyesight, he could not distinguish the chart at 3m distance, eyesight at 1.5m was 3.9; eyesight at 1m was 4.2. the right eye corrected eyesight at 3, distance was 3.9, his left eye only had light perception. Eye fundus examination: left side eyes fundus hemorrhage, vitreous body cloudy, hyperpigmentation, with scar tissue formed. There was faint yellow of his fundus, with papilledema and macular area exudation. The left eye fundus was light red, with small part faint yellow. His macula area was yellow, A/V was 1:4, the sediment was low. The bilateral forehead wrinkle and nasolabial fold are symmetrical, showing teeth is normal, he could make his tongue extend out as normal and his neck could move freely. The muscle tone of his 4 limbs was normal, muscle power of the 4 limbs was basically 5 degrees. The abdominal reflex was normal, the ankle reflex of both sides could not be induced, the palm-jaw reflex was negative. Bilateral Hoffmann sign was negative. The Rossilimo sign of the arms was negative. The pathological reflex of the legs was negative, his sensory examination was normal. The coordinate movement were normal.

After the admission he received 3 times nerve regeneration treatment(neural stem cells and mesenchymal stem cells) to repair his damaged nerves and retina, replace dead nerves and retinal cells, nourish nerves, regulate his immune system and improve blood circulation. This was done with rehabilitation training.     

After 15 days treatment his right side eyesight showed good improvement.  3m standard visual chart: right eye corrected eyesight was 4.2, his right eye fundus inflammatory condition was much better. His left eye could see blurred vision in front of him.

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