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● Degenerative neurological disorders/diseases (such as ALS, MSA and PD etc.) are caused by the diseased nonfunctional neural cells as a result of mutation of certain genes. Non-degenerative neurological disorders/diseases (such as CP, SCI and Post-stroke etc.) are caused by congenital or acquired injuries to the neural cells/nerves.

● Unlike other organs or tissues (such as heart, liver, muscle and skin etc.) the neural cells/nerves once damaged can’t self-repair or regenerate. Therefore, to make neurological disorders/diseases medically treatable, the damaged neural cells/nerves need to be repaired by replacing them with new neural cells differentiated from healthy neurons.

● The stem cells derived either from autologous or allogeneic sources (i.e. from bone marrow, umbilical cord, umbilical cord/peripheral blood, placenta or adipose tissue) are almost all mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that can’t help the patients with degenerative neurological issues because the MSCs are neither neural stem cells (NSCs) nor can they be differentiated into NSCs that are required for regeneration of new neural cells and nerves. Moreover, the autologous stem cells all carry the mutated genes so they can’t be used to treat the patients with the degenerative diseases/disorders caused by the gene mutation.

● The innovative clinical technology we’ve been using to treat neurological disorders/diseases is called drug Cocktail-Aided Stem Cell Therapy (CAST), i.e. the functional and healthy NSCs (neurons) are implanted into a patient's nervous system where the neurons' surrounding environment adjusts to be suitable for the neurons to function by a cocktail of drugs known to do the work properly.

● The NSCs we implant are actually neuron precursors that can only differentiate into neural cells, therefore excluding the possibility for them to differentiate into unwanted harmful cells such as tumors.

Conclusion: The NSC implantation using CAST technology has proven to be a safe and effective approach to treat neurological disorders in many patients we have treated before. 

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