Sharing fun times & happiness at WMC

It was early Autumn already but here in Beijing everywhere was still full of green. With the beautiful scenery of our center as the background,  happy birthday songs,  applause and happy laughter coming from behind the French windows of our café, the happy atmosphere here had been pushed to its climax.
On the afternoon of September 16th Wu Medical Center (WMC) held a birthday party for an American ALS patient. Patients and friends from Paraguay and Argentina also joined in. At the party everyone was singing “Happy Birthday to You” and everyone was beaming with happiness…
One Argentinean boy, who was blind because of ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity), had gotten some vision restored after receiving our treatment. His parents were so excited that they could not find any words but volunteered to help clean the center’s yard to express their gratitude to us. They were very glad for their son being able to receive the most advanced treatment.
Here at our center happiness is magnified through love, while the happiness seed is planted in each patient’s heart. A pleasant mentality is the original power for fighting against disease, while improving patients’ conditions and thus building up their confidence to defeat the disease is our center’s tenet. Let us fight together!

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