Wonderful Tea Ceremony Happy Medical treatment

 On May 30, 2019 the featured Chinese tea party was held in the coffee house on the ground floor of Wu Medical Center (WMC). Patients from Britain, Argentina, South Korea, Pakistan and other countries attended the tea ceremony show and with great interest heard the explanation of traditional Chinese tea culture presented by our center’s service staff. They also tasted different kinds of tea. The party also served as a good chance for friends from all over the world to gather together, communicating happily with each other and feeling a sense of our happy community spirit. They highly praised WMC’s excellent medical service and the wonderful display of Chinese tea culture. They thanked the center for the special benefits it gave to the patients and their families and also the happiness it brought to them.

Our marketing service personnel conducted on-site simultaneous interpretation of the show in English and Spanish so that our patients and their families could be able to feel the profound Chinese culture, while receiving satisfactory treatment here in WMC. Now the Chinese tea party has become a part of our happy medical treatment, aiming to provide a happy and friendly medical environment for our patients. This is us - the Wu Medical Center!

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