Sino-Argentina Friendship Made Argentinian Boy’s Treatment to Brightness Possible

In April 2019 Wu Medical Center (WMC) admitted an 18-year-old boy from Argentina, Benjamin Juan Gomez, who was diagnosed with “Retinal Dysplasia”. His vision was very poor. He was completely blind in his left eye without any light sensation at all, while light sensation only existed within 5 cm in front of his right eye and the light source could not be located. Before his admission to WMC he had seen many well-known local experts already, but all the treatment results were very disappointing and his eyesight did not improve at all. After learning the treatment effect of WMC from other patients, his family were very interested in our treatment and couldn’t wait to come to our center for treatment, hoping to see the light as soon as possible.

As we all know, Argentina is located in the south of South America, about 22,000 kilometers away from China. The expensive air ticket had become a stumbling block for Benjamin to come to China for medical treatment which added to the family’s woes.

Upon learning this news the Argentinian branch of China Railway Electrification Engineering Group Co. LTD. issued an initiative immediately, calling on everyone to show their compassion for young Benjamin and to lend a helping hand to fund the round-trip air tickets for him and his family.

Finally, Benjamin, accompanied by his family, came to our treatment center. After careful treatment here at our center his left eye not only acquired light sensation but also could see and locate light sources 10-15 cm away. His right eye improved a lot as well. With enhanced light sensation he became able to see light sources as far as about 20 cm away and to discern the shapes of objects and fingers at close range. With preliminary color-discerning function acquired he became able to discern dark and light colors. The child and his family were very happy and excited (Click here find more information).

Because of love the world becomes warm. After giving a rose to others, fragrance remains with the hands. Give love, receive hope. Sino-Argentina friendship has made the Argentinian boy’s road to brightness possible.

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