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Welcome to Wu Medical Center (WMC)

Wu Medical Center (WMC) was named after Mr. Wu, MD, Ph.D, Head Physician/Neurologist and Managing Director of the center. Using the unique neural regeneration technologies innovated by Dr. Wu, since 2000, he and his medical team have successfully treated over 7,000 patients from all over the world in multiple centers, who suffered from various diseases, disorders, and injuries including Parkinson's disease, post-stroke, ALS, MND, MS, MSA, CP, SCI, Batten's disease, diabetes, liver/renal dysfunction, osteoarthrosis and certain types of eye diseases etc. This has laid a solid foundation for the application of stem cell technologies to treat these previously untreatable neurological diseases.

As a leading medical center that specializes in stem cell therapy, WMC provides the safest and most effective individualized treatment program with our highly experienced medical team, our advanced technology and our world-class medical care.

As a result of our treatment program, a significant improvement can be achieved within 2-4 weeks.

WMC is also a medical science research center supported by various governmental and private fund. Our clinical application is based on the findings of our stem cell research from the last decade. Dr. Like Wu is one of the pre-eminent experts in the use of stem cell technology for treating various neurological diseases in China today. Dr. Wu’s many years of education and research experience in this field has earned him a large amount of respect from his colleagues and his expertise is reflected in the awards and recognition he has received. His accomplishments include over 30 published research articles he has written along with contributions to several other medical publications.

Scientifically, stem cells have made it possible for currently incurable diseases to be treated, but clinically speaking, stem cells alone only have a very limited curative effect. This is the reason behind the many unsuccessful treatments using stem cells. Our core technology is a combination of using stem cells as a tool or "raw material" with our unique clinical technologies that create a most suitable internal environment to allow the auto mobilization of stem cells to occur, or the implanted stem cells to survive long enough to achieve their repairing or reconstruction effects.

The stem cells used for transplantation are all produced and processed in the CFDA certified GMP facilities and inspected through our Quality Certificate Approval System. This ensures a product containing the highest quality and level of safety.


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