Patient Room

There are two kinds of patient room in our medical center:

VIP rooms are spacious and bright rooms, which consist of two adjoining rooms with one room for the patient and the other for accompanying relatives or caregivers. This gives the patient the benefit of having those accompanying him or her nearby at all times while still living comfortably (we can provide foldable beds). There is also a small pantry and a private bathroom with shower facilities in the room.

Our standard rooms are large and contain one bed and one sofa, for you and your relative or caretaker. Other features include a TV, microwave oven and induction cooker, a small cooking area and private bathroom facilities.

All rooms are equipped with a water cooler. The hospital provides two water tanks per week. You should notify the staff when the tank is empty.

The hospital provides towels and bedclothes in all patient rooms.

If you are in need of some sanitary articles, our service staff will be happy to help you out.

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