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Name : Bindra Umrawsingh Sex : Female Nationality : Trinidad and Tobago Age : 72Y Diagnosis : 1. Alzheimer's Disease 2. Hypertension 2 degree 3. Diabetes (type2) Before treatment: Patient had no obvious indication of memory loss 3 years ago but she

Name: Mohammed AlBahrani Sex: Male Country: Saudi Arabia Age: 72 Diagnoses: 1. Dementia (severe) 2. Dysfunction of hypothalamic-pituitary, metabolic alkalosis, thyroid hypofunction 3. Lung infection, Type 2 respiratory failure 4. Myocardial ischemia,

Name: Mr. Lin Sex: Male Age: 72 Country: China Diagnosis: Dementia Beginning Treatment Date: 2009-08-03 Days Admitted: 39 Medical History: Mr. Lin was presented with a decrease in memory since 1999. He showed memory decline accompanied with a decreas

Name: Soetiono Soetiman Sex: Male Country: Indonesia Age: 62 Diagnoses: 1.Alzheimer's disease 2. ischemic cerebrovascular disease, Mutiple Lacunar Infarction, subcortical arteriosclerotic 3. Coronary atherosclerotic heart disease 4. Hypertension leve

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