Introduction - Wu Medical Center - A Leading Medical Center for Stem Cell Therapy


by Drs. Like Wu, Xiaojuan Wang and Bo Cheng

Wu Medical Center, Bejing, China

Stem cells technology includes using stem cells to treat disease and produce stem cells products. This belongs to the category of regenerative medicine. At present, stem cells technology is the most advanced, large-scale and highest developed in technology in the regenerative medicine field. In recent years, the Nobel prizes in bio-medical field mostly belong to the stem cells research orientation. The application of regenerative medicine is mainly accomplished through stem cells technology.

The discovery of the therapeutic potential of stem cells offers new opportunities for the treatment of incurable neurological diseases. Base on their biological properties, stem cells act as manufacturers, maintaining the cellular tissue/organ homeostasis in physiological and pathological conditions. Thus, stem cell replacement therapy for central and peripheral nervous system disorders aims at repopulating the affected neural tissue with new neurons, as well as with other neural cells.



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