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Eyesight Improvement via stem cell treatment will be better and will not be retrogressive

The effect of stem cell treatment for ROP(Retinopathy Of Prematurity)provides an irreversible improvement in vision Guillermina is a beautiful 10-year-old Argentinian girl with white skin, long brown hair and big round eyes like the little princess i

The dream of 10-year-old ROP boy came true: to see the world!

Aaron is a smart 10-year-old Argentine boy, but for some reason he was forced to be given birth early at 28 weeks with respiratory problems and was diagnosed with ROP a month and a half after birth. There is no effective treatment locally, Aaron's ey

I can see!

Fabrico is a lovely and handsome Paraguayan 8-year-old boy, but he was diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity 2 months after birth. When he was 5 years old, he came for the treatment with his family in Wu medical centre, His left eyeball displaye

Escaped from 24 years of darkness, finally seeing the real world.

Mayra is a 24-year-old beautiful and lovely Argentine girl. When she was 4 months, she suffered from ROP (Retinopathy of Prematurity). After 2 weeks treatment in Wu Medical Center, she escaped from 24 years of darkness. One month after treatment he

I also want to have big talking eyes like my sister.

Berenice is Gianella's sister, with long black hair and big eyes, she is a beautiful 14-year-old Argentina girl. Unfortunately she suffers from hereditary retinopathy (retinal detachment). After Berenice knew that her sister Gianella, (who suffers fr

14 days of treatment is not very painful but restores me light.

Luana, a 9-year-old Paraguay girl, is smart and beautiful, but she lost her vision and even lost her sense of light after surgery because she suffered from craniopharyngioma 6 years ago. Luana, with the help of many warm-hearted people, has been tre

Miracle comes, teenage girl returns to normal school

Hi, I'm Gianella Hermann, Berenice's older sister. I am from Argentina, and I am 19 years old. In 2012 and 2013 I had my two stem cell treatments at the Wu Stem Cells clinic due to my vision problem, which caused my left eye to be blind, and the sam

How does a ROP V boy become a handsome young person with a pair of beautiful big eyes?

Sebastian, a 13-year-old Argentine boy, grew up with grade 5 retinopathy of prematurity unfortunately. Since he came into contact with Dr. Wu's team at the age of 6, after six years of treatment, he has gone from being completely blind to a handsome

The time has come to witness miracles.

My name is Carlos Kong. I am 28 years old live in Trujillo in northern Peru. In 2014 I was diagnosed with a Leber Hereditary Optic Neuroretinopathy. It is an inflammation of the optic nerves. At that time I lost the central vision of both eyes and p

Mayra Noemi Roselo-Retinopathy of Prematurity-(Argentina)

Name : Mayra Noemi Roselo Sex : Female Nationality : Argentina Age : 24Y Diagnosis : Retinopathy of Prematurity(ROP) Discharge Date : 2019/12/23 Before treatment: The patient was born at 24 + weeks of pregnancy, weighed 1.1kg at birth and had no spo

Maria Carolina Juarez-Optic Neuroretinopathy of Prematurity Grade 5-(Argentina)

Name : Maria Carolina Juarez Sex : Female Nationality : Argentina Age : 22Y Diagnosis : 1. Optic neuroretinopathy of prematurity grade 5 2. Spinal Muscular Atrophy Discharge Date : 2020/01/10 Before treatment: The patient was born prematurely at 25

Thalash Earvin De Silva-Stargardt Disease-(Australia)

Name : Thalash Earvin De Silva Sex : Male Nationality : Australia Age : 42Y Diagnosis : Stargardt Disease Discharge Date : 2019/08/31 Before treatment: The patient was was diagnosed as having Stargardt disease by a doctor at the age of 24. At the a

Luana Elizabeth Duarte Moran-Optic Nerve Injury-(Paraguay)

Name : Luana Elizabeth Duarte Moran Sex : Female Nationality : Paraguay Age : 5Y Diagnosis : 1. Optic Nerve Injury 2. Post-Craniopharyngioma 3. Post-Craniopharyngioma Syndrome Discharge Date : 2019/10/29 Before treatment: Two and a half years ago t

Alexa Naihara Estigarribia Lopez-Retinal Detachment-(Argentina)

Name : Alexa Naihara Estigarribia Lopez Sex : Female Nationality : Argentina Age : 1Y8M Diagnosis : Retinal Detachment Discharge Date : 2019/11/07 Before treatment: The child was a full-term natural born baby and her visual impairment was found aft

Berenice Diamela Hermann-Hereditary Retinopathy-(Argentina)

Name : Berenice Diamela Hermann Sex : Female Nationality : Argentina Age : 13Y Diagnosis : 1. Hereditary Retinopathy 2. Retinal Detachment Discharge Date: 2019/11/07 Before treatment: At the age of 6 the patient's parents found that her vision was

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