Neurology Department

The Neurology Department of WMC is composed of the Neurology Ward, Rehabilitation Center and the Neural Stem Cell Gene Therapy Research Center. The Neurology Ward is divided into several special treatment areas: the cerebral vascular disease ward, interventional neurology ward, general disease ward, rehabilitation center and the neural stem cell gene therapy research center. The medical team is made up of prominent professors, chief doctors, MD's, resident doctors, professional technicians and therapists. We offer the most advanced treatments for neurological diseases and impairments such as strokes, Parkinson's disease, MSA, MS, ALS, brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. Together with CVD recovery, endovascular stent-assisted angioplasty, we provide patients autologous stem cell activation treatment and stem cell implantation treatment, combined with a professional neurological rehabilitation. If necessary, we can provide specialist consultation for the patients.

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