WMC's Retinopathy case draws CNN's attention

This is a special report on stem cell treatment from CNN Latin America.

Background: Many scientists and doctors realize the amazing treatment outcome in treating those used-to-be untreatable disease provided by advanced stem cell technology and therapy. Scientists and researchers in China who are dedicated to stem cell application have made remarkable achievement in clinical area which has drawn world attention.

This is a girl in the CNN special report named Catalina Zamira, who accepted stem cell treatment in Wu Medical Center located in Beijing in June 2013. Before she came to us, she was treated by a stem ell clinic in Qingdao (China) without satisfactory outcome.

Six years old Catalina suffered from severe retinopathy which causes retinal hemorrhage and detachment. She received laser surgery for therapy before she came here. After 2 months of the therapy, her eyes presented with strabismus and nystagmus because of visual stimulation.

With the unique stem cell technology conducted by Dr Wu and his medical team, Catalina has made significant improvement during her four weeks treatment in Wu Stem Medical Center. Her nystagmus was gone and she showed color distinguishing ability of which she was not equipped with previously and her vision showed amazing improvement. After Catalina was discharged from Wu Stem Cell Medical Center, we kept monitoring her condition and vision (as we do for all of our patients). In an email from Catalina's father Jorge Zamira after they returned, he said "the medication is working really well, and I feel like a "normal" girl. Based on these effects, I am pleased and I am making sure that I enjoy every moment in my life." Catalina's case was widely reported by some Argentina's media.

In Feb 2014, CNN was drafting a stem cell special report and Catalina's fantastic experience interested CNN.  His father Jorge was invited to tell the audience the story of Catalina, who was treated at WSCMC in China.

It is also worth noting that Jorge had mistaken the stem cells we use. We use two kinds of stem cells: neural stem cells and mesenchymal cells derived from umbilical cord were injected to human body respectively via lumber puncture and I.V. Those injected stem cells can be directed to lesion area with our unique targeting technology.

 To learn more about Catalina's story, please visit:  http://www.wumedicalcenter.com/article/PatientStories/Eye-Disorder/21201419861.html

The CNN's report can be viewed from:

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