Jeff Aditya Putra - Autism, Cerebral palsy (Indonesia) Post on January 30, 2012

Name: Jeff Aditya Putra                        

Sex: Male

Country: Indonesia

Age: 6

Diagnoses: 1.Cerebral palsy, Autism 2. Epilepsy

Admission Date: 2011-11-13

Days Admitted to Hospital: 28 days

Before Treatment:

The patient's mother gave birth by caesarean section at full term. 5 months later his parents found that the development of his reaction capacity, motor function were slower than with other children. He showed abnormal eye contact. He received treatment in a hospital in Beijing. According to the EEG and Head-MRI results, he was diagnosed with epilepsy. He received treatment in form of oral medication, with which he managed to bring his epilepsy under control, without reoccurrence for the past four years. His physical development was normal. Primary symptoms: Language development delays, motor development delays, limited ability to produce sounds and the inability to produce words and to communicate with others. He lacks eye contact ability and the vision is impaired. All four limbs have a motor dysfunction. With some assistance he could stand, but couldn't grasp objects. He showed limited emotional responses. He only could concentrate with music, but had difficulty with concentrating for other things. Jeff was completely unable to take care of himself.

Nervous System Examination:

Jeff was alert. He could only express basic sounds and did not have autonomous language ability. He couldn't cooperate with the memory, orientation or calculation ability examinations. Both pupils were equal in size and round, the diameter was about 2.5mms. Both pupils were sensitive to light stimuli. The movement of both eyeballs was not flexible. There was no nystagmus. The position of the eyes was abnormal. The forehead wrinkle pattern and nasolabial grove were symmetrical. He could not cooperate with the examination of the cranial nerves. All four limbs showed movement disorder. Both hands could grasp objects, but not for an extended amount of time. With some assistance, he could stand but was unable to walk. When Jeff was relaxed, the muscle tone of all four limbs was normal. The tendon reflexes of all four limbs were normal. The bilateral abdominal reflexes were normal. The bilateral Hoffmann's sign was negative, the bilateral sucking reflex was negative, and the bilateral palm jaw reflex was negative. The jaw reflex was negative. The bilateral Babinski's sign was negative. Jeff couldn't cooperate with the examination of the sensory system or the examination of the coordinated movements. There were no signs of meningeal irritation.


After the admission, Jeff received all of the relevant examinations and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. He received treatment to improve the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to the damaged nerves and to nourish the neurons. This was combined with cell activation and neurological rehabilitation training.

Post Treatment:

Jeff's growth and development has increased. Height: 111cms, weight: 22kgs. He has a longer attention span. Jeff can maintain eye contact for a longer period of time now. The vision has improved and Jeff notices the environment around him better. His ability to adapt to the surrounding environment has improved. With the increased visual acuity, Jeff feels have more cognition to strange environment, stranger or changed training. Jeff is better able to cope with the rehabilitation training. The length of time that the hands can grasp objects has been extended. The muscle strength of all four limbs and torso has increased. With some assistance, Jeff can walk 50 meters.

After the discharge: Jeff's family member emailed to us:


"Dear Terri Liu

Jeff made sad expression when he took bitter medications. He was glad to play. The plane trip was easy for us. In addition, Jeff can finish some rehabilitation plan by himself. He can take biscuit and eat them. He can catch feeding bottle from his mother and draw on it. All the actions are not come out before the treatment. Jeff got so much progress. We will keep the contact with the doctors in your medical center."


Dear Dr. Wu and Wang,

"Jeff's hearing, vision and perception has obvious improvement in the month. Jeff look at the person who is speaking according to his voice. Jeff look around in the supermarket. If you talk to Jeff or order him, Jeff will answer 'heeh'.

I changed the furniture in my house. Jeff found that and looked around in the house. He would like sleep in a single room, before the treatment, he was sleep in the same room with mother.  One day, when Jeff walking with mother in the neighborhoods. He saw two boys pass by and want run after them.

He has little swing body and head.


bony caprie


Dear Dr. Wu and Wang,

The first week in the February

He starts early hours and go to school gladly. He  get up early and has no crying in the morning.

The second week in the February

He takes food with spoon byhimself. If he didn't put food in mouths after try for 4 times, he would stop the action. He take a step when he up or down stairs. But he still need the support of stair rail and the legs shakes when he walk.

The third and fourth week in the February

He takes toys by himself and make frind with other people. He can understand people's words, but jeff can't speak. When his mother stay with other children or others children play his toys, he would shout for upset. He can call people with gesture. When he play or look something, his Eyes focused better. The coordination of thought, hand and eyes has obvious progress. He can stand 4-5 seconds, but he can't walk by himself.

The above is Jeff's performance, thanks

bony caprie


Hi Terry,

Jeff's eyes has compeltelty recover. The brain development is good. He still can't walk or speck, but he has given up wheel chair and walk with support. likes attend class and like scool. He smiles to teacher. He love music, such as beat a drum and beat drum himself. This is the recent progress.


bony caprie


The child is healthy than before. The development of thinking is better than before. But he still can't speak or walk independently. He plays electronic keyboard with fingers and the rhythm is better. He always takes the electronic keyboard at his side.




Jeff's condition has shown significant improvement.Jeff's family member email a vedio to us:


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