Muhammad Rifqi Sylahuddin - Autism (Indonesia) Post on October 31, 2011

Name: Muhammad Rifqi Sylahuddin       
Sex: Male
Country: Indonesia
Age: 6
Diagnosis: Autism
Admission Date: 2011-09-25
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 28

Muhammad's speech development lagged behind other children's of the same age. He could only express simple words or sentences. He was bitten by a mosquito when he was 2 years old, and came down with a high fever with a temperature of 42 degree. He was diagnosed with dengue fever. Five days after the treatment, the symptoms subsided. Three weeks later, he got bitten by a mosquito again, and was once again diagnosed with dengue fever and the symptoms subsided after the second treatment. Soon after this time, the symptoms returned and got worse. Muhammad's speaking ability was reduced to the point where he couldn't communicate with anyone and he basically was living in his own world. He was brought to the local hospital and was diagnosed with Autism. He received rehabilitation therapy, but the results were less than satisfactory. Muhammad had no interested in the outside world and lacked basic social skills and had difficulty with language comprehension.

During the nervous system examination, Muhammad was alert and was able to produce some sounds, but there was no autonomous language ability. He couldn't cooperate with the examination of his memory, judgment abilities or orientation. He also had hyperactivity and occasional irritability. Muhammad couldn't cooperate with the sensory system examination or the coordinated movement examination.

After admission to our medical center, Muhammad was diagnosed with post encephalitis post dengue fever, and autism. He received neurotrophic treatment to nourish the neurons, and had his blood circulation improved in order to increase the blood supply. He also received neurological rehabilitation treatment.

After the completion of the stem cell treatment, Muhammad had better concentration ability. He was able to maintain eye contact longer and was better able to imitate the movements of others.

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