Anthy Wong - Autism (America) Posted on December 4, 2012

Name: Anthy Wong                       
Sex: Male
Country: America
Age: 10
Diagnoses: 1. Autism, 2. Mental retardation 3. Hyperthyroidism
Admission Date: October 21, 2012
Days Admitted to Hospital: 29 days

Before treatment:
Anthy Wong suffered from mental and behaviour barriers and language impairment when he was 2 years old. Main symptoms: excitement, hyperactivity, inattention. He was sent to the local hospital and was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He received speech therapy and attention practice. When he was 4 years old, with the assistance of his mother, the patient's comprehensive ability and learning ability were more improved than before. 5 years ago, the patient fell down, the result was a left subdural hematoma. After conservative treatment, the hematoma self-absorbed. The patient had a depressed mood and was restless for a time after the trauma. Then he recovered. He took STRATTERA 18mg qd for control of hyperactivity. At present, the patient can spell and knowz words. He also has simple pronunciation and the pronunciation is not complete. He has no active language, and doesn't like to communicate with outsiders. The comprehension and response was almost normal. The patient still had obvious hyperactivity and inattention.

Nervous System Examination:
Anthy Wong was alert. Height: 137cm. He was elated, hyperactivity and had no language. The pronunciation was incomplete. He was able to finish some simple spelling words. The orientation, memory, comprehension and judgment abilities existed. But, his ability to pay attention was poor as was his ability to cooperate. The laboratory test showed thyroid function mild hyperfunction.

After admission, Anthy Wong received related examinations and was diagnosed with 1. Autism, 2. Mental retardation 3. Hyperthyroidism. The patient received treatment to improve the blood circulation in order to increase the blood supply to nourish the neurons, nerve repair and nerve regeneration. He also received treatment to improve sleep quality and control the thyroid function. This was accompanied with physical rehabilitation training.

After 4 weeks treatment. Anthy Wong's height is 141cm (increased 4cm), weight 31Kgs (increased 4.5Kg). Language aspects: Increased some active language, part of the pronunciation is clearer than before, and the syllable is more complete than before. Mental behavior aspects: reaction speed is quicker than before. The ability to perform is more enhanced than before. The degree of adaptability has increased. Compliance is strengthened. The mood is more stable than before, and he has desire to communicate with the outside world. The patient feels his body is stronger than before. The mind is clearer than before. Sleep aspects: sleeping time is more regular than before and the sleeping time is fixed. The thyroid function is still under the control of drugs.


Hi Dr. Peng,
I have NOT redudced the Risperidone at 9am to 1/4 tablet.  The sleepiness is not bothersome on most days and isn't severe, so I held off to observe him some more.... If I see this week in next that indeed he is being VERY sleepy, then I will reduce the medicine.
1.  Anthy is making more attempts to talk and his speech therapist recognizes his efforts too.
2. He seems to be less hyperactive and is calmer


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