Abbas Habib-Autism-(Pakistan)

Name: Abbas Habib
Sex: Male
Nationality: Pakistani
Age: 20Y
Diagnosis: Autism

Before treatment:
Abbas was a full-term normal delivery baby, the doctor used suction apparatus to help him to be born. When he was one and half year old, he was found developmental retardation, he waved forward and backward, he cried without any reasons, he threw anything away, he was taken to hospital and diagnosed with autism, he was active all the time, he puked when eat medicines, so he didn’t take it any more. He went to special school and did rehabilitation training, he was less overactive, he could express feeling with gesture, he held a glass when he was thirsty, he open the refrigerator when he was hungry, he could understand some commands, but he couldn’t speak, he only speak “wu”, he needed help to take care of himself. He was taken to our hospital for further treatment.
He is hyperactive, he needs help with eating, he always puke after meals. He will take off clothes when he wants to urinate or defecate. His sleep is good.

Admission PE:
Bp: 141/98mmHg, Hr: 85/min, breathing rate:19/min, body temperature: 36 degrees. Height: 167cm, weight: 52Kg.Normal physical development and the nutrition status is good. There is no injury or bleeding spots of his skin and mucosa, no congestion of throat. There were acne in his face. The lungs breathing sounds was clear, no rales, The heart beat was powerful with regular cardiac rhythm, no murmurs. The abdomen was soft and bulge, with no masses or tenderness. His liver and spleen were normal.

Nervous System Examination:
Patient was alert, mental status was good.He kept wandering in the room, he could only say “wu”, he could not answer any questions or perform any commands. Patient could not cooperate the examination ofmemory, caculation and orientation ability. Patient could look at others and express some of his inquiry via some behaviour, such as hungry, thirsty, etc. he could comprehensive some movement from others, no attack tendency. He could not cooperate the muscle power examination or tendon reflex. The bilateral Hoffmann sign of both sides, Palm-jaw reflex and Babinski sign of both sides could not be examined, also could not cooperate with the examination of the cranial nerve function, sensory function, coordinate movement ability or meningeal irritation sign.

After the admission, he received full examinations and combined with his past medical history and clinical symptoms, patient was diagnosed as autism. He received 3 times nerve regeneration treatment to nourish nerves and adjust the brain neural transmitter balance, improve the motion status, combined with rehabilitation training.

After 14 days’ treatment, he had more facial expression, his nonsense pronunciation “wu.wu” reduced, he could control himself better, he had less automatic behaviours and he was able to take care of himself better. He had longer attention period, better learning ability and comprehension ability and he was able to understand commands easier. He did not have vomit after meal anymore.

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