Muhammad Ali-Autism-(Pakistan)

Name: Muhammad Ali
Sex: Male
Nationality: Pakistani
Age: 10Y
Diagnosis: Autism

Before treatment:
The patient was cesarean born, he was normal when he was born, he spoke when he was 4 months old, he was just a normal kid before 2 years old, he was able to eat, drink and speak. When he was 2 years old, he always stared at something, he broke his toys, didn’t speak and he liked sit in dark room by himself. He was taken to the local hospital and diagnosed with autism. At present, he is overactive, he jumps in the room and hits with head, he needs help for everything, his condition will be worse when he wants to eat or drink. He needs help for urination and defecation, sometimes he speaks some meaningless words. He knows some family members but he only responds to parents.
He is overactive, his urination and defecation functions are normal. He sleeps less during night.

Admission PE:
Bp: 115/98mmHg, Hr: 85/min, breathing rate: 19/min, body temperature: 36.7 degrees. Normal physical development and the nutrition status is good. The skin and body mocusa were intact and there was no stained yellow, bleeding point or  ecchymosis. The breathing sounds of both lungs were clear, no rales. The heart beat was powerful with regular rhythm, no murmur. The abdomen was soft, no tenderness or rebound tenderness. The liver and spleen was normal by touch.

Nervous System Examination:
Patient was alert, mental status was good. He was hyperactivity, he walked back and forth in the room, he only could pronounce (a, er, wu, etc), no sensible word. He could not answer questions or command any instructions, he could not cooperate examination of the calculation, orientation, memory, judgment or comprehensive ability. He could look at others. When he felt hungry or thirsty, he will be much more hyperactive and cry. He need feed by others and he could drink himself. He could go to bathroom when he need, while he need family members assist to clear himself. He could not cooperate the examination of muscle power or muscle tone. And he also could not cooperate the tendon reflex ability test of 4 limbs. Doctors could not check the bilateral Hoffmann sign, palm-jaw reflex or Babinski sign, cranial nerve function, sensory system or coordinator movement function. He could not cooperate the examination of meningeal irritation sign.

After the admission, he received related examinations, he received 3 times nerve regeneration treatment to repair his damaged nerves, replace dead nerves, nourish nerves, regulate his immune system and improve blood circulation, with rehabilitation training.     

After 14 days’ treatment, his condition was better, his sleep was much better, he control himself better, he was more quiet and calm, he spoke more words,   could cooperate the rehabilitation training much more, he could focus few seconds on something now. He could show he was hungry and eatby himself.

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