Ali Ftaikhan Mansi Almasoodi - Muscular dystrophy (Iraq) Post on December 6, 2011

Name: Ali Ftaikhan Mansi Almasoodi  
Sex: Male
Country: Iraq
Age: 29
Diagnosis: Muscular dystrophy
Admission Date: 2011-09-12
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 32

Ali has had weakness in the legs for about 8 years. He went to a local hospital and received an EMG examination and it showed myogenic damage. Ali was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Soon after, the weakness in the legs got progressively worse. At that time, he still could take care of himself and didn't seek out any treatment. Three years later, the symptoms suddenly became much worse. He couldn't stand or walk by himself. With some assistance, he was able to walk slowly, but the posture was abnormal. Ali received a muscle biopsy and the results showed muscular dystrophy. At present, there is obvious muscle atrophy in the shoulder muscles and the muscles of the arms and legs. The muscle strength of all four limbs has been weakened, with the most obvious damage occurring in the proximal areas of the four limbs.

Ali's memory, calculation abilities and orientation were normal. Both pupils were equal in size, the diameter was 3.0mms, with normal reactions to light stimulus. Both eyeballs had flexible movement. The muscle strength of the right arm was level 3; the muscle strength of the left arm was level 3+. The gripping strength of both hands was level 3. The muscle strength of the right leg was level 1+; the muscle strength of the left leg was level 2. The muscle tone of all four limbs was decreased. The tendon reflexes of all four limbs were not elicited. The abdominal reflex was normal.

We initially gave Ali a complete physical examination. He was then given treatment in order to expand the blood vessels, nourishment for the neurons, and treatment to promote nerve repair. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.

After the completion of the treatment, Ali's mood and appetite had improved. He smokes less than before. He can take care of himself better and is able to get out of bed more quickly. The muscle volume has increased, especially in the deltoids and biceps. The muscle strength has also increased. The muscle strength of the right arm is now level 4+; the muscle strength of the left arm is now level 4. The gripping strength of both hands is level 3+. The muscle strength of the right leg is now level 3-; the muscle strength of the left leg is now level 2+. The overall endurance has increased. Ali can now get up from the surface of the bed independently. The right limbs have shown the most amount of improvement. With some assistance, Ali can walk 100-200 meters.

Ali is satisfied with the therapeutic outcome and the improvement in his overall condition. Before being discharged from the medical center, he expressed his gratitude to the doctors, nurses and therapists. All of us here hope Ali will continue to see further improvements in the future.


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