Maria Garcia-Neurodegenerative diseases-(Guatemala)

Name: Maria Garcia   
Sex: Female
Country: Guatemala
Age: 50
Diagnoses: 1.Neurodegenerative diseases, likely possibility of multiple system atrophy  2. Hyperlipoidemia

Admission Date: 2010-06-15
Days Admitted to the Hospital: 38
When Maria was first admitted to our hospital she had weakness in her right leg which began about a year ago. The cause was not obvious. Maria occasionally had problems with her balance which became more severe about 6 months ago. Maria also had difficulty walking and was often fatigued which had been going on for the past 4 months. The disease is progressive and when Maria went to a local hospital to get an EMG of her legs, it was revealed that there was a nerve conduction velocity delay in both legs, accompanied by demyelization changes. Maria also received an MRI which showed cerebellar atrophy, degenerative changes in white matter, and a hemangioma in the right internal carotid artery. Maria was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and did not receive specialized treatment for it. Other symptoms included difficulty swallowing and occasional coughing and breathing difficulties.

Because of Maria's limited options for treatment in her home country, she decided to come to our medical center.

During the nervous system examination, Maria was alert and in good spirits. Her memory, calculation abilities and orientation were normal. The cranial nerve was normal. The muscle strength of the left limbs was level 5; the muscle strength of the right limbs was level 5-. The muscle tone of all four limbs was normal. The right lower limb felt slightly heavy when she walked. The tendon reflexes of all four limbs were positive. The abdominal reflex was normal. The bilateral Hoffmann's sign was negative; the bilateral Rossolimo's sign was positive, the bilateral Babinski's sign was negative. The bilateral superficial reflexes were normal. The deep sensation in the left side of the body was normal, the deep sensation in the right upper limb was normal; the deep sensation in the right lower limb was slightly decreased. Maria's fine sensation was normal. The Romberg's sign was positive. Maria was unable to walk in a straight line and leaned toward the right. The finger-nose test was accurate with her eyes opened but was not accurate with the eyes closed. The rapid rotation test and digital opposition test results were normal. The Heel-knee-shin test was accurate. There were no signs of meningeal irritation.

Maria received all of the relevant examinations and was diagnosed with 1.Neurodegenerative disease, likely possibility of having multiple system atrophy, 2. Hyperlipoidemia; 3. Fatty liver (mild). Maria was given treatment in order to expand the blood vessels, to nourish the neurons and we activated the neural stem cells. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.

Now that the treatment has been completed, Maria's muscle strength has shown improvement. The muscle strength of all four limbs is level 5, the sensation throughout her body is normal. The bilateral finger-nose-test is accurate. The Romberg's test is negative. Maria is now able to walk in a straight line. Her balance ability has improved. The heavy sensation Maria previously felt throughout her body, while walking has decreased. She no longer has any swallowing difficulty while drinking, or any breathing difficulty.

Maria's symptoms have almost all disappeared. Maria and her family members are satisfied with the treatment she received here and thanked the entire staff of Wu Stem Cells Medical Center for their efforts.

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