Karen Brooks-Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(Austrilia)


Name: Karen Brooks

Age: 46

Country: Australia

Sex: Female

Diagnosis: ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

Beginning of treatment: 4th June 2007

Medical condition before treatment:

Karen was diagnosed with ALS in May 2006. Her condition has rapidly deteriorated ever since.

ALS is a progressive, fatal, neurodegenerative disease caused by the degeneration of motor neurons, the nerve cells in the central nervous system that control voluntary muscle movement. The disorder causes muscle weakness and atrophy throughout the body.

Yet Karen was diagnosed with ALS only one year ago. Her condition since then has deteriorated to the point where she could no longer use her arms and legs, and had to use the help of caregivers for all of her personal daily care, helping her in washing, dressing, and getting in and out of bed. While being dressed, or forced to make a lot of movements, she suffered great pain in her muscles. Her voice was getting weaker, and her speech was slow and difficult to understand. She did not have enough strength to hold herself up while sitting on the bed or lying down from a sitting position without help. Her neck muscles were very weak and if her head fell backwards she could not bring it forward on her own. Her legs were weak and stiff and she suffered frequent cramps and twitches. She could lift her legs only a few inches high from a sitting position.

She received 4 injections of neural stem cells through the spinal cord fluid and a nutritious intravenous cocktail treatment(IV) by Dr Xiaojuanwang and Dr Like Wu.



After treatment:

Karen started to slowly show improvements a few days after starting to receive a daily nutritious cocktail through IV. She then continued to show improvements during the 6 weeks of her treatment.  

Her hands and arms were the first to respond to the treatment; her fingers, that before were closed inside her palm, opened up and straightened. Before the treatment her arms lay in her lap and she could hardly lift them up. After the treatment Karen could lift her arms to chest height, and was able to resist a light pressure with her arms. 

Her legs got significantly stronger; she could now lift them from a sitting position almost to the height of her knees, she could put more weight on her legs while trying to stand and eventually walk. The cramps in her legs were almost gone.

Since her muscles got stronger, and were now more open and flexible, she could hold herself in a sitting position on the bed without support, she could participate more in the process of dressing, washing and transporting herself from one place to another; and the muscle pain that she suffered during these activities was greatly reduced.

Her neck muscles got stronger and she could now control her neck movement, bringing her head back and forth by herself.

Karen's voice had little improvement, as far as it getting louder and stronger, and her speech, though still slow, could be better understood.

Karen's condition will be monitored carefully in the coming months. She was recommended by the doctors to come back for another treatment.

Karen felt thankful to Dr. Like Wu and his medical team for the stem cell treatments that have helped her greatly. Now she is more independent and lives a new life.






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