Edgardo Antonio Escobar-Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(USA)

Name: Eduardo Antonio Escobar             

Sex: Male

Country: USA

Age: 53

Diagnosis: ALS(Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

Beginning of treatment: 19th February 2008

Medical history before stem cell treatment:

Tony Escobar was diagnosed with ALS in May 2007. Within few months from the date of his diagnosis his condition deteriorated drastically. With only a few options left and a grim prognosis from his doctors in California, he decided to come to China for stem cell treatment.

Despite being diagnosed with ALS for less than a year, Tony's symptoms were significantly debilitating. As with most ALS patients, his symptoms started with general weakness and loss of muscle mass in his arms and legs and the loss of fine motor skills. Actions like picking up small objects, screwing off bottle caps or tying shoe laces were very hard for him.

His muscles were very weak and although he could still walk, his walking was slow and aided by a cane. He had lost a great deal of muscle mass and weight due to the disease and was physically thinner and weaker than he had ever been. In photos from before his diagnosis, he was barely recognizable. He had lost strength in his neck and had trouble holding his head up for long periods of time. Tony also tired very easily and spent much of his time resting.

Tony had trouble getting in and out of a chair or a bed. Simple, daily tasks that require any level of muscle strength or flexibility like showering or dressing up had become laborious and difficult for him.




In the full understanding of Tony's medical history, Dr. Wu and his medical team gave him 4 stem cell injections via lumbar puncture and a nutritious stem cell cocktail treatment. (intravenous)

After stem cell treatment:

Within a few weeks after the beginning of the treatment, and after receiving the second injection of stem cells by Dr Xiaojuan Wang, Tony experienced a halt in the daily deterioration he felt before the treatment. After a short plateau, Tony's strength started to return in his left side. He was able to move his arm further back and he was able to keep his head up for a longer time.

During his remaining weeks in China, Tony improved steadily. Mobility and flexibility gradually returned and he was able to do more daily activities by himself and without assistance. Sitting down and getting up from chairs became easier, so did dressing himself, showering and putting his shoes on.

Tony's general strength and mobility did improve, he wasn't getting tired as quickly as before, and he was able to walk for longer distances. By the end of his stay at the hospital he spent more time out of bed, walking around the hospital.

As Tony and his Wife Maritza prepared to go back to California, they were optimistic and hopeful about the future, feeling that Tony has bought himself some time and gathered enough strength to keep fighting the disease.




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