Dale Cornish-Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis-(USA)

Name: Dale Cornish
Sex: Male
Nationality: USA
Age: 56
Diagnosis: Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis 
Date of Admission: June 13th, 2016
Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/14days

Before treatment:
In May 2015, Dale felt his left hand weakness, he had left upper limb’s weakness and muscle atrophy, accompanied with fasciculation, his condition got worse, so he went to hospital in June 2015 and had EMG test, the result showed he had motor nerves’ damage, and he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. The doctor prescribed Riluzole, no effect. His condition became worse. He showed language problems and swallow problems 4 months ago, it was hard for him to walk with left leg. The doctor prescribed magnesia oral suspension, no effect. His left limbs are obvious atrophied at present, he is not able to speak clearly. He is always chocked when he eats. It is hard for him to breathe, especially when he lies down. He wants a better life so he comes to our hospital.
His spirit was bad, his appetite was good. He took 30 minutes in each meal. His urination and defecation were normal.

Admission PE:
Bp: 125/86mmHg, Hr: 70/min. Br: 23/min. Temperature: 36.8 degrees. Sat: 94%. Height: 182cms, weight: 94kg. His body type and nutritional situation were normal. There were no yellow stains or petechia on his skin or mucous. The color of his lips was normal. There was no pharyngeal congestion. The tonsils were not enlarged. His bony thorax was symmetrical. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, in base of lung were a little weaker, he was short of breath, there were no dry or moist rales. There was no precordial prominence. The rhythm of the heartbeats was powerful and regular. There was no obvious murmur in valves. The abdomen was soft and flat with no pressing pain or rebound tenderness. There was no mass. The liver and spleen were normal.. There was no edema in both lower limbs.

Nervous System Examination:
Dale Cornish was alert and his spirit was a little weak. He spoke unclearly. His memory, calculation abilities and orientation were normal. Both pupils were equal in size and round, the diameter was 3 mms. Both eyes had sensitive responses to light stimuli. Both eyeballs could move freely. He has no nystagmus. The nasolabial fold and forehead wrinkle pattern were symmetrical. His tongue was centered in the oral cavity. There was no tooth deflection. The muscle power of his tongue was weak, he was able to move his tongue out of him lips for 1cm, he was not able to move his tongue left and right very well. He didn’t have tongue muscel atrophy. He was not able to do cheek blowing or chew powerful. Both soft palates could be raised powerful. His pharyngeal reflex was bad. He was able to close his eyes powerful. His neck was soft, the muscle power of turn over his neck and shrug shoulders was at level 5-, the muscle power of right upper limb was at level 5-, his grip was at level 5-. The flexor muscle power of left upper limb was at level 3, extensor muscle power of left upper limb was at level 4-, his left hand was able to grasp, his grip was at level 2. He was not able to extend his fingers. His Wrist power was at level 0. The muscle power of both lower limbs was at level 5. His left feet was not able to do dorsoflexion well. His muscle tension was normal. His four limbs had obvious fasciculation. His left upper limb and right feet had obvious muscle atrophy. His left biceps reflex, radial periosteal reflex and triceps reflex were normal. Right upper limb’s tendon reflex and patella tendon reflex were active. Bilateral palm jaw reflex were positive. Bilateral Hoffmann sign, Babinski sign and Rossolimo sign were negative. His right upper limb was able to do finger to nose test, rapid rotation test and finger to finger test well, but his left upper limb was not able to do. The heel-knee-tibia test was normal. The meningeal irritation sign was negative.

He was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He received 3 neural stem cell injections and 3 mesenchymal stem cell injections to repair his damaged motor nerves, replace dead nerves with new injected stem cells, improve his blood circulation, regulate his immune system and nourish neurons, We also gave him daily physical rehabilitation. Sat: 95-98%.                  

After 14 days of treatment, Dale Cornish’s breath function was better, he was able to lie down longer, he had less short breath. His swallow function was better, he had less choke and he took less time to eat. He had less fasciculation. His left hand’s grip was at level 3. His thumbs were able to move slightly. The muscle power of his right upper limb and grip were normal. He walked longer, his walking position was better and he had better exercise tolerance.

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