Dariusz Piekarz-Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-(Poland)-Posted on May 9th, 2017

Name: Dariusz Piekarz
Sex: Male
Nationality: Polish
Age: 49Y
Diagnosis: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Date of Admission: December 12th, 2016
Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/13days

Before treatment:
Dariusz Piekarz was unable to move his left arm or hand well 4 years ago and his life was affected. Both legs and his right arm were all affected too. He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in 2014. The regular treatment was useless and his disease progressed. He was unable to walk 1 year ago and he is now unable to turn over, sit up or stand up. His language function, respiration function and swallowing function were all bad. He choked sometimes and it took a long time for him to eat. Now he is confined to bed,  is unable to move his limbs, cannot stand up, walk or turn over. His respiration function and swallowing function are bad. He wants a better life so he came to our hospital.
His spirit and sleep are good, he eats less than normal, he also has aconuresis and he defecates once in 3-7 days.

Admission PE:
Bp: 117/88mmHg, Pulse: 90/min, breathing rate: 18/min. Temperature: 36℃. Nutrition status is normal as is his physical development. There is a 15cm operation scar. There are no other injury or bleeding spots on his skin and mucosa. There is no cyanosis on his lips, no throat congestion in his pharynx oralis, and no swelling in his tonsils. The thorax was symmetrical. The respiratory sound of the lungs is decreased but with no dry or moist rales. There is no upheaval in the precordium. The heartbeat was strong and regular with a rate of 90/min and there was no obvious murmur in the valves. The abdomen was flat, with no pressing pain or rebound tenderness. The liver and spleen were normal under palpating touch. The shifting dullness (stomach noise) was negative. The physiological curvature of vertebral column was normal. There was swelling in both the hands and feet. His Sat was around 90-95%.

Nervous System Examination:
Dariusz was alert but his speech sounded a little blurred. The voice was lower than normal. His memory, orientation and calculation ability were normal. Both pupils were equal in size and round with a diameter of 3mm. They reacted normally to light and the eyeballs can move freely. There is no nystagmus. Bilateral forehead wrinkle and nasolabial fold were symmetrical and he can close his eyes normally. His tongue is in the middle when he sticks his tongue out. Muscle atrophy and fibrillation could be observed on the tongue. He could move his tongue normally. His teeth were symmetrical. His tongue cannot touch the left cheek normally. The chewing ability was weaker than normal. There was some air leaking when he blew out his cheeks.   Bilateral soft palate can be lifted as normal. He neck was soft. The strength to shrug shoulders and  turn the neck was weak. The muscle strength of the arms was level 0, he cannot bend his arms and his hands cannot grasp. On the left hand 2 fingers were able to move. On the right hand 4 fingers were able to move but not the thumb. The shoulder girdle and arms had muscle atrophy. The muscle tone was lower than normal. Bilateral bi-ceps reflex, radial periosteal reflex, tri-ceps reflex and tendon reflex of legs cannot be found. Bilateral palm-jaw reflex was negative, bilateral Rossilimo sign and Hoffmann sign were positive. Bilateral Babinski sign was negative. The finger-to-finger test, finger-to-nose test, and rapid rotation test and knee-heel-shin test cannot be done. Meningeal irritation sign was negative.

After the admission, he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. He received 3 neural stem cell injections and 3 mesenchymal stem cell injections to repair his damaged motor nerves, replace dead nerves with new injected stem cells, nourish nerves, regulate his immune system and improve blood circulation. He also undertook rehabilitation training.     

After 13 days of treatment, his spirit and energy both  improved. His Sat was 97-99% and his finger movement was better. The right wrist can move slightly. Muscle strength of the left leg has improved by 1+level. The dorsal angle of left ankle joint has improved and the right toes now have some movement.


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