Kiro Kostov-Cerebral Palsy-(Macedonian)-Posted on Dec.10th, 2015

Name:Kiro Kostov
Sex: Male
Age:18 years
Diagnosis:Cerebral Palsy, Upper Respiratory Infection (URI)
Date of Admission: October 24th, 2015
Treatment Hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/21 days

Before treatment:
KiroKostov has suffered fromretarded development in motion, language and intelligence for 18 years. He was admitted with the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. Patient was born at 38th week of gestation by cesarean delivery. He was not breathing when he was born and the immediatetreatment was done. Seven days later hisvoluntary breathing was restored.  At 7 months’ old, he was noticed by his family that he could not raise his head or turn his body. He was diagnosed with Cerebral palsy by a local hospital and started corresponding therapies and medication. At present, he had swallowing difficulty and could easily get choked. He could not speak, turn his body or sit up. His muscle tone is higher than normal. He had a good sleep and diet, and he had a normal defecation. 

Admission PE:
Kiro wasnot well-nourished.Her height was 160cm and his weight was 35Kg. The superficial lymph node was normal under palpation. The pharyngeal had no congestion but his tonsil had swollen to levelⅠwithout congestion or fester. The thorax was symmetrical and the respiratory sound in lungs was clear, without dry or moist rales.Sometimes, throat noise could be heard.His heart rhythm was regular, withoutobvious murmur in the valves. The abdominal muscle was in tension and borborygmus was normal. His lower limbs had no edema. His spine had an abnormal lateral curvature so that his body trunk contorts to the left side. The arms contorts toward outside and could be forced back to normal posture. His wrists, fingers, feet and toes were twisted and could be stretched passively. His legs were in a straightened posture.

Nervous System Examination:
Kiro was conscious and in a good spirit. He could not speak and only could utter the sound like ‘Da Da’. The diameter of both pupils was 5.0mms, and both pupils were equal in size and round. The pupils moved in full range, reacted normally to light stimulus. His tongue was kept in the back of his mouth and was unable to move freely. He was slow to stick his tongue out and could only reach his lips.The uvula was in the middle. He had bucking sometimes when he swallowed. He could communicate with his family by some eye expressions. The orientation test was normal. The memory and comprehension were poor and calculation was not developed. He could raise his head and the muscle tone of his neck was normal. The muscle strength toturn his neck was at level 3. He could not cooperate with other examinations on muscle strength. He could not turn over, sit up, or walk. His limbs had much involuntary dyskinesia. The muscle tone of four limbs was high. He could only rest in a supine or a prone position instead of a lateral position. The bilateral abdominal reflex was normal. The radial periosteal reflex, biceps reflex and triceps reflex could not be elicited. The patellar tendon reflex of left leg was normal while the patellar tendon reflex of right side is active. Bilateral Achilles tendon reflex could be elicited. Bilateral ankle clonus was negative. The sucking reflex, bilateral palm-jaw reflexes, bilateral Hoffmann sign were negative. Bilateral Babinski sign was positive. The rapid rotation, finger-to-finger, finger-to-nose and heel-knee-shin test could not be performed. The meningeal irritation sign was negative.

We initially completedthe examinations of the patient andthe diagnosis of cerebral palsy was confirmed. He had four times of stem cells injections of neural stem cells. He also had treatment to activate his own stem cells, initiate nerve repair and regeneration. He also had a comprehensive treatment including nerve nourishment, circulation improvement and immune adjustment.This was accompanied with the rehabilitation for motion and speech. During the time he was hospitalized, he had cough and phlegm. The temperature reached as high as 37.4℃. He was given anti-inflammatory medicine and he also received treatment to improve his nutrition. At present, he had no fever, cough or phlegm. The auscultation of lungs was normal.

After 21 days of treatment, Kirohas improved in both intelligence and motion. He cancooperative with his therapist more. The movement of his tongue is more flexible and he can say more vowels. The muscle tone of limbs has decreased
than when he was admitted. His joints are getting more flexible. His hands are more flexible and the muscle strength has improved. He can bend his legs and keep a lateral position to sleep. He could keep a sitting position with assistance. The muscle tone of abdomen has been alleviated. The index of pathological sign has decrease.

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