Vahe Tsaturyan-Cerebral Palsy-(America)-Posted on January.6th, 2017

Name: Vahe Tsaturyan
Sex: Male
Nationality: Armenian
Age: 4
Diagnoses: 1. Cerebral Palsy 2. Infectious Monoaucleosis
Date of Admission: May 27th, 2016
Treatment hospital/period: Wu Medical Center/22days

Before treatment:  
Vahe’s delivery was a caesarean, his mother was pregnant for 32 weeks. His weight was 1.8kgs when he was born, his height was 41cms. He had serious jaundice when he was born, he had apnea after he was born for 1 week. He had tracheal intubation, used breathing machine. He was able to breathe by himself 4 days later. It was hard for him to eat in 1 month, so he received nasal feeding, IV feeding and feeding bottle. When he was 3 months, he showed higher muscle tension so he received examinations and diagnosed with cerebral palsy. When he was 6 months, he took Baclofen to relief his high muscle tension, his muscle tension was lower, and he received professional rehabilitation training to improve his motor function. He had slow motor function and language development. The doctor prescribed Clonazepam 4 months ago. It was hard for him to sit for long time, he was not able to turn over his body, sit or stand by himself, he spoke less, he was only able to speak some simple words to his family members. His family wanted him to have a better life. So he was taken to our hospital and diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
His spirit was a little weak, his sleep and diet were normal. His urination and defecation were normal. He was thin.

Admission PE:
Bp: 92/58mmHg. Hr: 120/min. Br: 26/min. Body temperature: 37.3 degree. Height: 87 cms, weight: 12.5kgs. He had thoracic valgus. The respiratory sounds in both lungs were clear, with no dry or moist rales. His heart sound was strong, the cardiac rate was normal, there was no obvious murmur in the valves. His abdomen was flat. He had abdominal muscular tension. Both upper limbs were straight spasm, both lower limbs were bending spasm. His spine developed a slight curve.

Nervous System Examination:
Vahe Tsaturyan was alert, his spirit was a little weak, he was able to understand his parents’ questions, he spoke “ha” to express ”yes”. When he was stable, he was able to speak some pronunciation. He was not able to finish the memory, orientation ability or calculation examinations. He was able to close his eyes strongly. Both pupils were equal in size and round, both pupils were sensitive to light stimulus. He was able to move his eyes very well. His tongue was centered in his mouth, his uvula was in the right position. The muscle tension of his whole body was higher than normal, especially his four limbs. He also had neck and trunk’s spasm. He didn’t cooperate with the muscle power examinations. Bilateral middle and upper abdominal reflexes were normal. Bilateral radial periosteal reflex, biceps reflex and triceps reflex were abnormal. Bilateral patella tendon reflex was abnormal. Bilateral ankle clonus, sucking reflex and palm-jaw reflex were negative. Bilateral Hoffmann sign and Babinski sign were negative, He didn’t cooperate with other examinations. He was not able to do the meningeal irritation sign examination.

Vahe Tsaturyan had a fever when he came to our hospital, the highest body temperature was 39 degrees, it last a couple of days. His throat and tonsil were redness and swelling in II degrees. There were multiple enlargement of lymph nodes around his low jaw and neck, the diameter was larger than 1 cm. WBC was normal, lymphocyte percentage was higher than normal. Liver function: ALT, AST were higher than normal. Ultrasonography of abdomen: spleen was a little larger, so the doctor considered him as infectious monoaucleosis. The doctor prescribed antibiotic for his disease. His body temperature was normal. he was diagnosed with 1. Cerebral Palsy 2. Infectious Monoaucleosis, 
He received 3 neural stem cell injections and 3 mesenchymal stem cell injections to repair his damaged nerves, replace dead nerves with new stem cells, improve his blood circulations, nourish neurons, motor function. He also had physical rehabilitation.

After treatment, his spirit and mood were normal, his appetite was better. His urination and defecation were normal. His four limbs’ muscle tension was lower than normal. Sometimes his palms were relaxed, he was able to grasp sometimes, his right hand was more flexible than left hand. Bilateral hip joints’ abduction tension and adduction tension were lower than before, his pronunciation was better. He was able to move his tongue better. He had less sweat on his head and neck. His comprehension and cooperation were better.


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