Juyen - Parkinson's disease (Cambodia)

Name: Huu wang juyen

Sex: Male

Country: Cambodia

Age: 49 years

Diagnoses: Parkinson's disease

Admission Date: 2013-05-19

Days Admitted to the Hospital: 28

Before treatment:

The patient began experiencing stiffness in his limbs 5 years ago without any clear cause. His actions were also retarded. His right hand was very shaky and had micrographia. His symptoms gradually got worse and influenced his work and daily life. He went to a local hospital for the first treatment after the attack. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and took oral medication to treat it. After treatment, the patient's symptoms were alleviated. But the disease still continued to progress gradually and the patient's condition was aggravated. He took Sinemet as treatment, but there were many side effects, such as blacking out. Eight months later he took a smaller dose of Sinemet. However, the disease still progressed gradually. Before the treatment, the patient suffered from obvious motor retardation in all four limbs. He also had a lack of expression, a weak ability to wink his eyes, and an obvious tremor in his tongue. His tongue had a poor movement ability. He also had micrographia and his speech was slow.

Nervous System Examination:

Huu wang juyen was alert but his speech was slightly unclear. He spoke slowly. His memory, calculation abilities, and orientation were normal. His face was masked and he had little facial expression. Both pupils were equal in size and round, the diameter was about 3.0mm. Both pupils were sensitive to light stimulus. He had the ability to move his eyes with ease. There was no obvious nystagmus. The forehead wrinkle pattern and bilateral nasolabial grooves were symmetrical. The tongue was centered but there was obvious tremor in his tongue muscle. The flexibility of his tongue was poor. The muscles that raise the soft palate were strong. The uvula had no deflection. He turned his head slowly. The movement of both upper limbs was slow, and his right hand had an obvious static tremor. There was no obvious tremor in his other limbs. He was unable to button his clasp, turn his collar down or use chopsticks with his right hand. He could not take care of himself completely without the help of others. The muscle strength of his four limbs was level 5. He walked slowly, with difficulty starting. His speed while walking was almost normal. The muscle tone of his right lower limb increased occassionally. The muscle tone of his other limbs was normal. Bilateral biceps reflex, triceps reflex, radioperiosteal reflex, patellar tendon reflex and Achilles tendon reflex were normal. The Bilateral Hoffmann sign was negative. The Bilateral Rossilomo sign was negative. The Bilateral sucking reflex was negative. The bilateral palm jaw reflex was negative. The Bilateral Babinski sign was negative. The patient had normal deep sensation, shallow sensation and fine sensation results. He was able to complete the digital opposition test and finger-nose-test on both sides of his body, and in a stable manner, but his movement was rather slow. He completed the rapid rotation test in a clumsy manner, and his right side was in a more severe state of clumsiness. He completed the heel-knee-tibia test in a stable manner. The Romberg sign was positive. The meningeal irritation was negative.


Huu wang juyen completed all of the relevant examinations. He was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. He received treatment for nerve repair, as well as activation of the stem cells in his body and treatment for anti-free radicals. He was also given treatment in order to expand the blood vessels to improve the blood-supply to the damaged brain and nourish the neurons. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training.


Huu wang juyen's speech is clearer and his voice is louder than before. He has more natural facial expressions. He is now better able to move his limbs, and his range of motion has improved. The bradykinesia has clearly been alleviated. The static tremor in his right limbs has been relieved. The tremor in lingualis and mandible has also been relieved. The stiff sensation in his chest has also clearly been alleviated. The muscle tone of his right limbs has been restored to normal. His right hand can button up a shirt, turn over a collar, use chopsticks, etc. He can take care of himself without the help of others. He has a better posture while walking. He is better able to move around obstacles that are in his way. His stride while walking is normal. He completed the rapid rotation test in a more flexible manner in comparison to before. His ability to balance is better in comparison to before. The Romberg sign is negative.

Date: 2013-08-06

Dear Dr.Peng

Thanks so much for your reply. I already told my dad as Dr.Wu said. We will follow the new medicine list and send you back the result in next 2 weeks. My dad had eaten more fat foods as the mid-night meal that may be the reason cause the blood fat increase.Now we will focus on the diet. Thank so much!

In addition, about my dads condition now , he said : " my knees feel a little bit weaker, and his hand both side when i wrote start had slightly tremor,". This is may be because this time his works quite stressful. :(

Thanks dr.Wu, dr.peng so much for helping us. xie xie ni .We will send you Back the result next time

Keep in touch

Take care

Best regards:


Date: 2013-08-20

Dear Doctor Peng.

 It has been 2 weeks  since last time  we sent the blood test result already. Attached here with is new blood test result and his blood pressure and heat rate usually from range 110-80 to 115-80. Could you help us to take a look, plz. In addition, my dad is very happy to inform that he is feeling good with Sinemet now, when he took the medicine, It has no side-effect at all and his movement became more flexible.

Thanks very  much

We are looking forward to hearing from you soon

Best Regards;



Dear dr.Peng

I already receive your email.Thanks so much. I will ask my father to follow the new medicine list. We are very happy to inform Dr Wu and dr Peng that my dad's condition is getting better. He can control the balance, his speech is getting louder and more clear. He doesn't feel headache as before.this time his health is the best during 6 months. He feel very happy and thankful:)

Best regards



Dear Dr.Peng

It has been around 1 month since the last blood test result was sent.
Ah about my dad's condition,  We are very happy to inform that he still remains good, due to the reason lack of medicine ( The process of custom service is complecated) , he didnt take the medicine name " Lorazepam 0.5mg" for sleeping but he still can sleep well.  Attached here with the new blood test result file. Could you help to to take a look and give a new recommendation, plz

Thanks very much

Date: 2014-04-24

Dear Dr.PENG
How is everybody in our  hospital?  it is nearly 1 year since my dad received a great treatment, I am very happy to inform that my dad's conditions still remain good, his speech and movement keep doing well. 
Thanks so much DR.WU, dr.XU, dr.PENG and everybody.

About the medical, We can find all the medicine except  " BROMOCRIPTINE 2.5 mg" which i coudnt find in VIetnam, so could you recommend to my dad another medicine which include the same ingredient and same effect or not? or we have to order it from Beijing?

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon
Thanks so much
Best Regards


Dear dr.Peng
How are you and everybody? My father conditions is still maintain good, his movement and speech is ok. Thanks so much!
It has been long time since the last blood test results was sent. Attached herewith is the new blood test result, could you take a look, please. I am looking forward for your reply soon.
Thanks very much
Xie Xie ni


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