Michael Dafter-Parkinson's disease-(Australia)-Posted on Mar.2nd, 2015

Name: Michael Dafter                
Sex: Male
Country: Australia
Age: 58 years
Diagnosis: 1. Parkinson's disease 2. Hyperlipemia 3. Hyperplasia of prostate 4. I degree atrioventricular block
Date: Jan. 27th, 2015
Days Admitted to Hospital: 22 days

Before treatment:
Michael Dafter had left upper limb tremor through an accident 7 years ago. It became worse and worse and a local hospital diagnosed him with parkinson's disease. After taking Sinemet he became better. But his disease turned out to be more serious later. His four limbs moved slowly, especially his left side. The oral drugs did not provide better treatment. His four limbs moved slowly, left side was worse. His step base was wider, spoke speedy and slowly. He could write few words. Sit-up and turned over slowly by himself. He could stand and walk by himself, but equilibrium sensitivity was worse. Facial expressions were less. He wants to have a better treatment, so he came to our hospital.

His diet and sleeping were normal. He lost some weight (not clear). The excrement was not good because of constipated, 2-3 times each day. He urinated many times a day, sometimes with quick urination.

Admission PE:
Bp: 120/80mmHg; Hr: 72/min. RP: 19/min. There was no congestion in pharyngeal area. The tonsil was not enlarged. The respiration in both lungs was clear, no dry or moist rales. Through auscultation, the heart sound was strong, with no murmur in each valve. The abdomen was flat and soft, with no masses. The liver and spleen were normal. There was no swelling in both lower limbs. The peripheral blood oxygen saturation degree during sleep was lower than 90%. Intermittency heart rate during night was lower than 50/min. He had 1st degree atrioventricular block.

Nervous System Examination:
Michael Dafter was alert and his speech was clear and fast. He had poor speech speed control. His memory was bad, the orientation and calculation were normal. He had a masked face. Both pupils were equal in size and round, the diameter was about 3.0mm. Right pupil was sensitive to light stimulus. Both eyeballs could move freely to each side. He had horizontal nystagmus. The forehead wrinkle pattern was symmetrical and bilateral nasolabial grooves was symmetrical. The tongue was in the center of oral cavity. There was slight tremor in tongue. He had strong muscle to lift his soft palate. The uvula had not deflected. He could turn his head effectively but he couldn’t shrug his shoulders. The ability to sit-up, stand and walk was slow and with slight tremor. Upper limbs proximal end couldn’t abduct, adduct muscle power was at level 2. An upper limb forearm abduct and adduct muscle power was at level 5. The hold power of both hands was at level 5. The muscle power of both lower limbs was at level 4. The step base was a little wide. The muscle tension of both upper limbs was normal, both lower limbs was higher. Bilateral biceps, triceps brachii and radial periosteal reflex were weak. Both side patella tendon reflex, achilles reflex and abdominal reflex were not normal. Bilateral sucking reflex was positive. Bilateral palm jaw reflex was positive. Bilateral Babinski sign was negative. The depth sensation and epicritic sensibility were normal. He couldn’t do finger-to-nose test and finger-to-finger test well, and the action was slow. He did both side alternate motions clumsy. He did the heel-knee-tibia test in a stable manner. He walked and turned back slowly. The Romberg sign was positive. Meningeal irritation was negative.

Michael Dafter received all of the relevant examinations and was diagnosed with 1. Parkinson's disease 2. Hyperlipemia 3. Hyperplasia of prostate and 4. 1st degree atrioventricular block. He received treatment in order to repair and revive the nerves, activate stem cells, provide nourishment to the neurons, improve the circulation, regulate immunity, decrease Blood-lipid and protect his heart. This was combined with physical rehabilitation training and continuous positive airway pressure.

Anti- Parkinson, expand the blood vessels in order to improve the blood supply to the brain and to provide nourishment to the neurons. He also received treatment to remove oxygen free radical. He snored while sleeping, and the peripheral oxygen saturation was less than 90%, so we used non-invasive ventilator for breath. Intermittency heart rate was less than 50/min at night. He had 1st degree atrioventricular block when he did another ECG. We treated him with electrocardiogram monitor and raised his heart rate.

After the treatment, his Hr was 52-78/min. His speech was clear and less snoring during sleep. The oxygen saturation was 95-98% during sleep. He controlled the speed of his speech well. Facial expressions were good. The movement of sitting, standing and walking was better and flexible. The tremor was not obvious. He could shrug his shoulders naturally and strongly. The muscle power of both upper limbs was at level 5 and both lower limbs were at level 4. His gait was good. The muscle tension of four limbs was normal. Bilateral biceps, triceps brachii and radial periosteal reflex were normal. Both side patella tendon reflexes were normal. He could do finger-to-nose test and finger-to-finger test well and faster than before. Both side alternate motions were faster than before. Both side heel-knee-tibia tests were steady; he could walk and turn over fast. The rombergs sign was negative.




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HI Lisa ,

I hope you have been keeping well Not long now and you will have your babies You must be getting very excited. We think and talk about you all the time Michael sends his love and best wishes .  Lisa I would like you to let Dr Wu know that Michael went really well when we first came home. However we had difficulty organizing a C Pap Machine(we have only just received it)  and things declined a bit for awhile he was freezing up more often and because of that he became very anxious )things are   starting to progress again now. Why I am asking you is that Cecile( who takes care of Michaels business ) has had no response from her emails to Dr Wu regarding Michaels’ progress  and we wanted to keep in touch. We will forward his next lot of pathology results and we will need to sort out his medications in the next few months as to what he will be needing and if he needs to make any changes with them so we can order them .Many thanks to the wonderful staff in Beijing Hospital (I tell everyone  about the great work being done over there for so many people Keep up the good work. Much love Lisa stay well thanks again for your kindness to myself Vicky and Michael. Hope to hear back soon xxoo


Dear Dr Susan Chu

Mick needs another 6 months’ supply of Oryzanol (10mg/tablets).
Please let me know the cost and transfer details and I will send the funds.
Mick would like you to know that his health is improving and he appreciates all your help.
We wish all of you a  very Merry Christmas and joy in the New year.

Kind regards

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