Velerry Rodriguez Fontenla - Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Argentina)

Name: Velerry Rodriguez Fontenla    
Sex: Female
Country: Argentina
Age: 25
Diagnoses: 1.Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 2) 2. Mild iron deficiency anemia
Admission Date: 2011-11-21
Days Admitted to Hospital: 29

Identifying Information:
Velerry went to a local hospital and received a muscle biopsy to find out the cause of her abnormal walking posture. At that time she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 2). After physical rehabilitation training, she was able to walk slowly, but her walking posture had not improved. Gradually, her walking ability further decreased and the symptoms progressed to her arms. Velerry received orthopedic treatment when she was 7 years old. With the assistance of family members, she could walk, but would fall down frequently. She received physical rehabilitation training, but the improvements were minimal. The right hip joint shifted when she was 9 years old which resulted in surgery. After the surgery, Velerry was unable to walk independently and spent most of her time in bed. The spinal column became gradually deformed. Currently, Velerry is unable to dress herself, stand or walk independently. .

Nervous System Examination:
There was atrophy in the tongue muscle. The tip of the tongue could only reach as far as the lips. The ability of the shoulders to shrug and turn was weak. The muscle strength of the upper limbs' proximal-end was level 2, and the distal-end was level 3. The muscle strength of the left lower limb was level 2. The muscle strength of the right lower limb was level 2-. There was muscle atrophy in the upper limbs, lower limbs, deltoids and torso area. There was contracture in the elbow joints, knee joints and ankle joints. The muscle tension of all four limbs was reduced. Velerry could finish the rapid rotation test and finger-to-nose test in a stable manner. She had difficulty with the digit opposition test and could only point the forefinger to the thumb on either hand. She also had difficulty with the heel-knee-shin test.

We initially gave Velerry a complete examination and she was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (Type 2), and mild iron deficiency anemia. She received autologous stem cell treatment and had the anemia treated. She was also given daily physical rehabilitation training to promote the recovery of the motor functioning.

At present, Velerry's mental state is good. Her facial features look younger and her appetite has improved. The muscle strength of the tongue has improved and the atrophy in the tongue is not as severe. The tip of the tongue can reach 3 cms beyond the lips. The muscle strength of the torso area and muscle volume has increased.  At present, Velerry can turn over by herself. With some assistance, she can sit up and maintain a sitting position for several minutes. The muscle strength of all four limbs and muscle volume has increased. The muscle strength of the right upper limb is level 3+ and the muscle strength of the left upper limb is level 3. The muscle strength of the left lower limb is level 2+ and the muscle strength of the right lower limb is level 2. The contracture in the right knee joint is not as severe as before. Velerry can do the adduction and abduction movements more easily. There are muscle contractions in the hips when she stands. The fine motor movements have improved and are more flexible. The fingers on the right hand can each point to the thumb.

Hi Vivi,
I tell him of my progress with the therapist, I can keep the quadrupedal position resting on the forearms and knee, and also held with the elbows on a table, I can get on your knees, if at all incorcopar power head, but I can download realia weight again and knee, and arms and legs, leaning forward and back, and raise some or legs and feet (only slightly), I have greater mobility in the arms, better posture when sitting without a corset , and I think with that q is well. A big hug.

Date: 2012-03-09

Subject: hi

hola wiwi como estas? te cuento que yo muy bien, cada dia estoy un poquito mas fuerte, no tuve muchos cambios desde la ultima vez que le escribi, pero cada dia estoy mas derecha de la espalda porque los musculos tienen mas  fuerza y eso me duele un poco (mucho) habria algun remedio que pueda recomendarme para calmar el dolor? le mando un beso y espero que este bien, saludos.Velerry


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