Is stem cell treatment safe? Is it really effective?

We use systemic safety evaluations to control the safety of the stem cell treatment: We started the safety evaluation of stem cell treatment 10 years ago, with a study group of 30 volunteers who participated. Currently, all 30 volunteers are still in perfect health and to date, since 2005, we have treated over 1,000 patients using the stem cell treatment and there has been no single case of major observed safety problems or complications after the stem cell implantation procedure, although there can be some minor side effects associated with the treatment such as headaches or muscle weakness, these can be easily overcome in a short amount of time.

Our doctors are very familiar with the biological nature of stem cells and we can guarantee the safety of the treatment throughout the entire procedure. Strict safety regulations are put in place, for the production of the stem cells, for the quality control of the stem cells prior to implantation, to the strict monitoring after the implantation, and finally in regards to the patient's follow up, every detail is scrutinized and the guidelines strictly adhered to.

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