About the neural growth factors that your medical center use

Tell me more about the "cocktail" or neural growth factors that you use before the stem cells are administered. Would it be possible to administer this product in the USA at intervals between trips to China for stem cell treatments? How often could it be administered?

The "cocktail" treatment is unique and very effective and was developed by Dr. Wu and Dr. Wang. It combines a group of medications. The combination and the dosage of the medications are changed at various intervals throughout the treatment process and are dictated by the patient's condition.

The "cocktail" treatment focuses on adjusting the neural-immune-endocrine system:

1) Before the stem cells implantation, a series of medications are used to prepare the brain's internal environment to ensure the stem cells have the best opportunity for growth.

2) Certain medications are used to induce the damaged area into producing special signals that attract stem cells after the implantation. (The stem cells are attracted to the damaged area and begin the repairing process with the damaged neurons).

3) Medications such as neural growth factors assist in the differentiation of the stem cells to help the new neurons express normal functioning in the patient's body.

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