Does your medical center also offer conventional treatment?

Does your medical center also offer conventional treatment besides stem cell therapy?

Our treatment program is a combination of conventional medicine and stem cell therapy, but we do offer conventional treatment, especially for the patients with certain neurological conditions caused by non-neural degeneration or non-inherited diseases such as post-stroke, brain trauma, etc.

There could be a significant difference between the conventional treatments. For example, to treat a post-stoke patient, the principal therapeutic goal of conventional medicine is to prevent a recurring stoke, by removing the risk factors, while our stem cell therapy would allow the restoration of some of the lost brain functioning by re-establishing the neural connections.

In our center, it's basically the patient's decision whether they want to have only the conventional medicine or a program that combines both conventional and stem cell therapy. We have also successfully treated over 100 post-stroke and brain trauma patients with conventional medicine only.

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