GDNF to promote the survival of embryonic rat dorsal root ganglions and the Growth of Neuronal Neurites

Basic Medical Sciences and Clinics 2003. 23 (6) 625

Article ID: 1001-6325(2003) 06-0625-05

Wang Xiaojuan, Guo Li, Wang Liqin, Song Xueqin, Wu Shuyu, Li Chunyan


To evaluate the effects of glial cell line-derived neurotrophic factor (GDNF) on the survival of embryonic rat dorsal root ganglions (DRGn) and the growth of neuronal neurites. In this experiment, we built the embryonic rat's DRGn unicellular culture system using the method of primary isolation and culture in vitro. We also used the MIT method and morphocytology change observation to test the different dosages of GDNF (1 u g / L, 10 ug / L, 50ug / L, 100 ug / L) and how they effected the growth of the sensory neurons which were cultured in vitro. The results showed that the GDNF can promote the survival of the rat's sensory neurons in the DRGn cultured in vitro and the growth of the neuronal neurites, noticeably. The test results indicated that the GDNF had neurotrophic effects on the rat's sensory neurons during the embryonic development period.

Keywords: GDNF; DRGn; cell culture.

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