Stem cell therapy helped young “Superman.”

Geronimo Munoz was born in Argentina in 2003 with his whole family’s best wishes but at birth his condition was not very good. Examinations showed he had the umbilical cord around his neck during his mom’s pregnancy.  In his early years he had nearly no movement or any nerves reflex and he had epilepsy. After 3 months of medical treatment the epilepsy stopped and he did not need take any further anti-seizure medication but he was diagnosed as having cerebral palsy. The general physical development was delayed very much compared with other children in the same age group. He could walk independently when he was 6 years old but his balance control was poor making him stagger when walking. Since  he turned 9 years of age he has had frequent trembling of his whole body. Each episode of such trembling had different time spans from a few seconds to several minutes and afterwards he felt very tired. The intelligence development was very poor, he still could not speak and he could only slur a few simple words such as “ ah, ma”. He could not chew food himself and so he usually swallowed without chewing. His mouth stayed open and he was drooling all day. Even though he was disabled in some sense he was still one cute and optimistic young boy. He tried hard to communicate with his family members with some simple body language.  He liked to enjoy interesting TV programs or movies just like other children and he also had his idol...Superman!
In 2013, after a long term detailed communication and medical consultation with Dr Like Wu the chief directly of WU MEDICAL CENTER, his parents were filled with great hope. They brought Geronimo to China after a very long trip of nearly 3 days and started the stem cell treatment here. The Wu Medical Center team was lead by Dr Like Wu and Dr Xiaojuan Wang who had treated hundreds of cerebral palsy patients from all over the world and achieved remarkable clinical treatment outcomes. In the first 4 weeks the doctors aimed at his body condition and clinical symptoms and designed a individualized treatment program for Geronimo. A good result came gradually after the treatment that made his parents very happy. Two months later he was discharged and went back to Argentina. His parents used email with the doctors to assist the follow up work.
They wrote: “I tell you that we are very happy with the changes observed in Geronimo and we are following Dr. Wu's suggestions to take your medicine every day and do many rehabilitation therapies. His posture is improving every day and so is his cognitive aspect. We are very happy.”

The family came back to China in 2015 for their second stem cell trip to WU MEDICAL CENTER. Once again they were not disappointed, Geronimo continued to show good improvement. He was dressed in his favorite superman clothes and walked in a stable manner wandering around  the corridors of the patient ward. His cognitive function improved day by day and he was more active and positive.  BUT....the most amazing change happened later. His body was much stronger, his height and weight increased a lot and he could walk well with a very stable gait. He learned to ride his bicycle and could walk upstairs by himself. He was much more independent in his daily life activities. He was much more alert and he can now comprehend and perform some commands correctly. The little superman grew up, and he was much stronger. The parents believe that their son will experience more positive change in the future and that he will be able to live a normal life in the future with continued help from Dr. Like Wu and his medical team in WU MEDICAL CENTER.

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