The Neurology Department ofWMC is composed of the Neurology Ward, Rehabilitation Center and the Neural Stem Cell Gene Therapy Research Center. The Neurology Ward is divided into several special treatment areas: the cerebral vascular disease ward, int

Childhood is the important development period from pediatric to adult. Childhood is the phase from 1 month to 14 years. During this period, children's emotion, intelligence, behavior, motion, bones and organs are in the state of growth and developmen

Two professional chief physicians instruct the Internal Medicine Department (IMD). They use stem cell technology to treat many kinds of the complicated diseases that the IMD specialize in such as diabetes (type1, type2), apituitarism disease, hypothy

Our Neurological Rehabilitation Center provides occupational and physical therapy for patients from around the world. Our specially designed rehabilitation center ensures the patient's privacy so they can receive rehabilitation treatment in a comfort

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