1. The role of stem cells in the treatment
On a scientific basis, stem cells have made it possible to improve the treatment outcome for diseases that currently have no cure, but clinically speaking, stem cells alone have only a very limited curative effect. This is the reason for the many unsuccessful treatments using stem cells. Our core technology is a combination of using stem cells as a tool or “raw material” with our unique clinical technologies that create the most suitable internal environment to allow the auto mobilization of the stem cells to occur, and to allow the implanted stem cells to survive long enough so that the repairing or reconstruction process can take effect.
2Factors Influencing the Stem Cell Therapy Effects Include
         The unchanged pathological internal environment.
         The lack of precise positioning of the stem cells activated or implanted.
         The largely impassable scar tissues which cause difficulties for the neural stem cell cones to pass through.
         The technical difficulties in targeting differentiation of the stem cells inside the body. 
         The nonfunctioning of the surviving stem cells.
Any of these factors may contribute to the poor, or non-effectiveness of the stem cell therapy.
3. Our innovative approaches 
To overcome the previously mentioned difficulties, Dr. Wu proposes the innovative approaches that combine the activation of autologous neural stem cells with exogenous stem cell transplantation.
● The approaches to activating the autologous stem cells include:
1) The activation of the immobilized neural stem cells inside the body.         
2) The rejuvenation of the central nervous system. This is of the utmost importance because this process is required for the reconstruction of the neural network.
● The approaches to making the exogenous stem cells function include:
1) Having the implanted stem cells activate the autologous stem cells and cause them to form neural networks with the implanted stem cells.  
2) Making the autologous stem cells functional through chemical and physical signal regulation and thus inducing the implanted stem cells to differentiate into the functional cells.
4. What Our Innovative Approaches Have Achieved
1) The improved internal environment of the patient.
2) The accurate positioning of the cell receptors and gene targeting.
3) The softening of the scar tissues to allow the neural stem cell cones to pass through and to induce the directional stem cell differentiation inside the body, or to make the stem cells cross the embryonic layer for transformation. Through chemical and physical regulations, the surviving stem cells are able to take up their proper functions.
5. Our Personalized Treatment Plan
The control of the implanted stems cells is of the utmost importance for a successful stem cell treatment. A simple stem cell injection without proper before and after medical care will have a very limited effect.
Our regular two week treatment plan below is based on years of clinical research and experience allowing the safest and most effective outcome.
         Four separate stem cell injections.
         Daily intravenous and medications given to adjust and control the body‘s internal environment and nourish the stem cells.
         Daily rehabilitation therapy consisting of both physical and occupational therapy, as well as traditional Chinese medicine (which includes massage and acupuncture).

With our treatment program, a significant improvement can be expected in two weeks.

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