Mr. Chaim Martin(Head of Economic Mission) and Miss. Ivy Xia(Trade officer) who works with Israel embassy visited our hospital in 2017-11-16, they visit the patients families from Israel, and the patients are really happy to meat Chaim and Ivy, they

2018-3-10 ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)/MND is a kind of irreversible deadly motor neuron disease(MND). The patient's normal motor neurons will decrease continuously once they get ALS/MND and their movement function will reduce quickly. Past re

The Argentine Consul visited our medical center on 2017-06-06. This time she visited patient Fausoto Simon who took another cycle of stem cell treatment in our medical center seeking further improvement. Mr. Fausto and his family members were glad to

Geronimo Munoz was born in Argentina in 2003 with his whole familys best wishes but at birth his condition was not very good. Examinations showed he had the umbilical cord around his neck during his moms pregnancy. In his early years he had nearly no

Two Argentine brothers Gabriel Zabala and Santiago Zabala are both suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) for many years. Our doctors had discussed their conditions many times, so in September 2015, they came to our center with their parents to

Valentin Capdvila, an Argentine 5 years old boy, who suffers from cerebral palsy due to anoxia at birth. It is difficult for him to move his four limbs, he also has epileptic attacks. His parents learned of that WMC was able to treat cerebral palsy p

It is beautiful and warm in April in Beijing. There are green trees and fresh flowers all around the Wu Medical Center (WMC). There are some patients family members from multiple countries volunteer to clean WMC and all of them are happy, because the

On April 19, 2016, the new Argentine ambassador to China, Mr. Diego Guelar, visited Wu Medical Center (WMC). In their three hour visit, Mr. Guelar met with Dr. Wu, WMCs chief neurologist and director who introduced WMCs stem cell-based treatment and

Sebastian Ezequiel Farias is from Argentina and was diagnosed with retinopathy of prematurity level V when he was 6 months old as a result of premature birth, lower than normal weight, a viral infection and neonatal jaundice. He almost lost all of hi

Japanese study of induced pluripotent stem cells aims to demonstrate safety in humans. David Cyranoski 27 February 2013Corrected:08 March 2013 TOKYO In the seven years since their discovery, induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells have transformed basi

Source: Science Daily Summary:Researchers have generated a high-resolution blueprint for how to build a human brain, with a detailed map of where different genes are turned on and off during mid-pregnancy at unprecedented anatomical resolution. This

Source: Science Daily The molecular details of how zinc, an essential trace element of human metabolism, interacts with the enzyme caspase-3, which is central to apoptosis or cell death, have been elucidated in a new study led by researchers. Dysregu

Source: Science Daily Date:March 24, 2014 Summary:Scientists showed that participants suffering from face blindness performed as well as the average person in training measuring their ability to learn a set of computer-generated objects called greebl

Source: Science Daily Date:March 26, 2014 Summary:Researchers have published a study that gives clear and direct new evidence that autism begins during pregnancy. The researchers analyzed 25 genes in post-mortem brain tissue of children with and with

Source: Science Daily Summary:Using DNA as a drug -- commonly called gene therapy -- in laboratory mice may protect the inner ear nerve cells of humans suffering from certain types of progressive hearing loss, researchers have discovered. While the r

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